Integrating Technology Into Classrooms for Children and Adult Learners
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Integrating Technology Into Classrooms for Children and Adult Learners

My name is Katie, and I love technology. For years, I worked in a child care centre, and now, I volunteer in an adult literacy classroom. In both of thee situations, I have been impressed by the use of technology. I have seen it integrated in a lot of useful and surprising ways. If you want to use technology in any classroom, my blog will help you generate ideas and learn how to use them effectively. I have three kids, but they are all grown, leaving me with ample time to write. Please, get comfortable and explore these posts. Thanks for finding my blog!


Integrating Technology Into Classrooms for Children and Adult Learners

Get your data cabling right the first time

Marcia Wagner

Are you struggling to send data around your office or to clients outside your premises? Do you find that the computers around your building are no longer connected in a way that suits your needs? Have some of your computers lost the network entirely? If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, then you have a problem with your data cabling. Poor-quality or faulty data cabling reduces your efficiency and drags your whole business down, so when you start experiencing problems, it makes sense to call in a professional cable engineer to get the cables fixed before the situation gets worse.

What cable layout should you choose?

The data cabling needs of a group of auditors will be different to a rugby stadium, which will again be different to a community college. Every venue is different, and even two locations of the same type may have different data cabling needs depending on how they choose to operate. Don't be content with letting the cabling company suggest the layout. It is vital that you discuss your needs with the company and explain the exact needs of your business. Take some time to think through which employees need access to which areas of your network, and explain this to the cabling company in detail so they can tailor the network to match these requirements.

What are the environmental conditions under which your network will operate?

An office and a meat packing factory are very different environments, and their cable networks will need to endure very different operating conditions. Whatever your business, you will need to think not just about the temperature surrounding your cabling, but how your cabling will be protected from knocks from any workers or equipment moving around the premises. You must also think about the types of files you want to send and the network speed you will require. Will you need a Cat 6 cable or a fibre optic network to transfer your files? If you aren't sure what would suit you best, then explaining your needs to a qualified engineer will help to clarify your requirements, and the engineer will be able to suggest the most appropriate network configuration for you.

Designing and installing your data cabling is a task that should only be undertaken by qualified professionals. Choosing the right network and installing it correctly is the only way to avoid errors and unexpected downtime on your network. If there is a problem with your network, it reduces the efficiency of your whole business, so talk to the experts and do it right the first time.